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Member Savings

Home Rewards offers Members two great ways to save when buying or selling:

  • Members SELL their home for a flat 1.5% listing fee
  • Members BUY a home and earn a 20% commission rebate
  • If a Member is buying AND selling, they’ll receive both benefits
RESPA Compliant


RESPA Compliant

A top RESPA attorney in the United States has reviewed Home Rewards to ensure full RESPA compliance.

  • 100% of the rebate and other discounts go directly to your Member

  • Your Member receives a rebate regardless of which lender funds the loan

  • No money is exchanged between our institutions

  • Rebate is processed through escrow and credited against closing costs

Still have questions?

Request our Whitepaper by renowned

RESPA expert and attorney.


1.5% Listing Fee Example

Member SELLS a $500,000 Home

Traditional Listing Agent Fee - 3%     |     $15,000

Home Rewards Agent Fee - 1.5%*     |     $7,500



*Does not include commission owed to Buyer's Agent


20% Commission Rebate Example

Member BUYS a $500,000 Home

Seller pays Agent 3% Commission      |    $15,000

Home Rewards 20% Commission Rebate   |    $3,000



Buyers don't pay any commission fees!

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